Texas Holdem Poker Betting

texas holdem poker betting cardsThere is a lot to know about the different variations of poker and the different betting structures that are found in the various games. When learning how to make the correct decisions in Texas Holdem poker, players need to learn how to do Texas Holdem poker betting in the best way that they can.

The Texas Holdem poker betting structures include the Fixed Limit or Structured Limit betting, the Spread Limit betting, the Pot Limit betting, the Half-Pot Limit betting, and the No Limit pot betting.Although this may sound a little daunting to the new poker player, it is not difficult to learn how to best do Texas Holdem Poker Betting that can be used both in online poker games and in land based poker games.

Fixed Limit Texas Holdem Poker Betting

The Fixed Limit Texas Holdem poker betting is exactly as it sounds, a fixed limit on how much can be bet and how many rounds can be bet on. If the game is, for example, a $5/$10 game, this means that the amount of $5 can be bet preflop or also on the flop. The amount that can be bet on the turn and on the river doubles, meaning that the higher number of $10 will be wagered after the dealing of the turn card. Fixed Limit Texas Holdem poker betting is limited to four wagers per player per round.

Texas Holdem Poker Betting Spread Limit

This Texas Holdem poker betting structure also has limits, however, the limit falls within a range, or a spread.  For example, if the Spread Limit is between $1 – $5, the player can place their Texas Holdem poker betting wager anywhere between $1 and $5 in any of the rounds.  If there are four numbers listed, the wagering can reach up to the second number preflop and on the flop.  The wagering can go as high as the third number on the turn, and the wagering can go as high as the fourth number on the river.

Pot Limit Texas Holdem Poker Betting

Pot Limit Texas Holdem poker betting can be done in any amount ranging from the cost of the big blind to the size of the pot. Although game rules do vary, the first player to place a wager an usually bet up to 3 or 4 times the amount that is in the pot. Sometimes, however, this is only allowed to be done preflop.

Half-Pot Limit Texas Holdem Poker Betting

This is similar to the Pot Limit Texas Holdem poker betting, and is most popular in Europe.  The rules are the same as for the Pot Limit rules except that the maximum amount that can be wagered is equal to half of the pot size.

No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Betting

As the name “No Limit” implies, there is no real limit as to how much can be wagered in this version of Texas Holdem poker. The wagering amount may have a minimum wager, but the maximum wager is equal to the amount of money that is available on the table in any given Texas Holdem poker betting round.